Writing For Fun

I’ve written lots of different things, just as you also, have probably done. Newsletters, short inspirational pieces, novels that are still unfinished (stored in that shoe box under the bed–waiting for that elusive ‘time’ to finish them); college essays; bits for the school newspaper and church bulletin. I’ve written curriculum for Sunday school and educational materials– dabbled at the discipline of writing poetry and lyrics for children’s songs, and the occasional letter to the editors of our local paper that ended up in his/ her circular file. In my experience, most of these forms of writing were pretty serious writing at the time– and not what I would call ‘fun’ writing. All were all done under the duress of tight deadlines and a critical audience.

Recently, my writing has taken on a new meaning for me. I just resigned from a career of thirty-five-plus years. It has been like stepping off a moving treadmill. Processing a life is sobering and I am taking time to be reflective about it all. Now my writing is not mandatory. I no longer have the tight constraints I am so used to. I can choose the topic, or let the one roaming around in my head take flight! I can play with words and my doodles in new ways!

I’m finding out just how fun it is to put words on paper that are meaningful to me–and to others.  I think I do have something to say–but I don’t want to ‘blather!’  I don’t want to preach, but I won’t mind teaching. I want to share the journey of my life with those who might find it interesting–so this blog will post snippets of my life travels, my journal writings and photos from some of the most amazing places in the world.

My New Year’s resolution is this: in my passion for writing, I will not strive for notoriety, or even to be published. I will write what is written in my head already, in my journals, and I will post various bits and pieces I have stored away in my computer files. I will share it with others as God and conscience prompts me–for the sheer joy of expression–and the hope that it will matter to someone.

I want my thoughts and words to cheer, encourage, inspire and challenge readers like you. And yes, possibly even cause some to cry a tear or laugh out loud. This is what writing for fun means to me. If you like this idea, or do this kind of writing too, let me know. Share with me YOUR fun writings. Let’s form a new kind of writers’ club-and who knows where it will lead us, or how many readers will be blessed!

Yours truly,

PS: In my next post, I’ll tell you more about me.


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