The Day I Saw God: Scene Two

The Day I Saw God

Scene Two:

This is scene 2  of 4 in a story of an unusual journey the narrator made with God. Today,through our narrator’s tale, you will witness two vignettes–and his shocking realization that one resembles an early  childhood experience not easily forgotten.  Let’s continue. . .

A Man Without Hope:

My journey with God continued through the city.  The Lord turns His face toward yet another home. My gaze follows His, taking us right into the bedroom of a young man. He too, is praying. This man is one of God’s children, a believer in Christ, yet from his prayers I learn that his heart burns with shame for the sins he commits. His confessions to God are filled with remorse and self-hatred. Through his tears he begs God for deliverance from things he wants to leave behind; the sins that hold him captive. He appears to be without hope—totally desperate.

The LORD sends Encourager to the young man’s side.

With a nod, the ALMIGHTY indicates that He hears this man’s prayer. As before,  He beckons, and again a celestial messenger appears. The LORD speaks clearer this time and I can hear what he tells the messenger.  This person He calls Encourager is sent to the young man’s side.  The LORD gently nudges him to hurry lest this one fall into despair.

I watch with curiosity as  Encourager obediently rushes to the lad’s side. Like a movie camera panning in—the scene shifts from the Father in heaven into the young man’s room where he  kneels in prayer. The Encourager knocks gently at his door. In a de ja vu  moment,  I see the young man rise to answer. I know that this divine messenger will place a caring arm around this man’s shoulders. I know he will give him guidance, and share God’s love and faithfulness with him. And he does.

I am deeply moved as I watch this scene play out before my eyes, feeling the sting of tears  in my own eyes—tears of joy. I marvel at the miracle of hope given in Jesus’ name, and the difference it makes in life of one who believes. I know—for He has done that for me too!

The ALMIGHTY touches my elbow ever so lightly and I feel His smile, His love, and yes, His approval. He knows my thoughts but there is not time to bask in all this. I am drawn reluctantly away from this scene and we continue moving through the misty skies; watching and hearing the prayers of God’s children.

Each scene is different.
Each scene we see reveals broken hearts, damaged emotions, shame, bitterness, rage, and all kinds of sexual sin, disobedience and unbelief. My heart becomes so burdened I can barely move—yet He gently guides me in His path; explaining some things as we go, teaching me through the things I observe in this remarkable journey.

One scene particularly stands out in my memory, for it reminded me of someone I know. His gaze hovered over the darkened bedroom of a young mother, lying awake in her bed. We only see her troubled face, tear stained and puffy from crying.

Divorced and alone, she has wept till no more tears come. Her mind is tormented with fear as she thinks about the obstacles ahead for her and her small son. She is numb with grief and worry. Sin has marred her life, and now its cruel consequences take their toll on her life, and that of her son.

“What will happen to us?” she groans. To the heavens she asks, “How, God, will we make it? There is never enough money. My car is wrecked, the creditors hammer on my door, and stalk my phone; and today–the eviction notice! Where is Your mercy? Where are You, God? What can I do? Who will help me? Do you hear my prayers? Do you care, God?”
She covers her face with her pillow and sobs again.

One small child’s prayer

In the small room next to hers, a boy of six lays on his bed too. He can hear his mother’s sobs. Clutching his teddy bear close to his heart, he prays again that his mommy would love his daddy, because he loves them both. He asks God to take care of them and to bring Daddy home so they could all live together again as a family.

As I hear his prayers and I ached for this little one. I remembered a time when I prayed just such a prayer—a desperate child’s prayer: “God can you really hear me? God do you really care about me and my mom?”

I surprised myself with the tears that come so readily and the achy feeling in my throat as I tried to keep my emotions under check. Remembering hurt!  A similar scene from my  childhood flashed before my eyes. I watched a similar  little boy turn on his side and murmur, “What’s the use in praying anyway? God doesn’t hear me ‘cause I was bad.”

This small child prayed more:I’m sorry God. Forgive me. Please, please help my mom. Please help my dad. Make me strong so I can help too. Amen.”

The hot tears coursed down my cheeks. I turned away from the scene before me  and searched the face of God. My heart ached as I remembered my own prayer long ago—the one God never answered.

What would God say? Dare I ask? Would He defend himself?

(To be continued. . .)

Dear readers, please come back for the next part to our short story: The Day I Saw God.  Find out how God responds to the narrator–and to the prayers of those they observe.

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May God bless you and reward you for your faith–may you be encouraged that He does hear every prayer we pray.