Who Am I-A Little Word About Linda

Linda in Pokhara-overlooking the valley-Mt Fishtail & Annapurna rangeI am Linda Bridges. That is my name.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ–and a believer in the Bible, God’s Word to mankind.

I am the wife of one husband (celebrating 45 years of marriage this June!); a mother of 4 grown children, (3 daughters and 1 son); the grandmother of eight grandchildren, and another grandson on the way (March, 2014).

During the 45 years of my marriage–I have ‘done’ and ‘been’ all the typical ‘mom’ things. (Been there, Done that!) Since my child-rearing years, I have done many other ‘untypical’ things–and still do. Together,  my husband and I have served in a non-profit Christian agency for  35 years. We lived more than 15 years in Europe, and 5 in Thailand. The rest we have lived in Colorado! I have been privileged to traveled extensively. This life abroad has shaped my life experiences profoundly and influenced my thinking, motivations and viewpoint on many subjects.

I am a teacher: professionally. I love the world of learning and teaching. I get great joy when I have taught even the smallest human being how to do something new, and see the light come into their eyes, as they proclaim ‘I can do it!’ ( I have visited and taught in 20 countries)

My classrooms have varied: from the most up-to-date equipment and furniture to the most basic. I have taught sitting in a circle on a dirt-packed, mat-covered floor with bamboo walls and no electricity,  with our books on our laps. By contrast, I have taught in American classrooms with all the modern facilities available to man. In this variety I rejoice, and am thankful–for I have learned far more  through these  than the knowledge I have imparted to others.

I am a student:  I am currently working on a Masters Degree, writing my first children’s book, learning to illustrate, and contemplating reopening that shoe box under the bed, that contains a novel I started 10 years ago.

I am growing!


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