Getting into it!

Working on page one.

Working on page one.

Since getting my new blog started, I have been determined to do more that talk about writing. Everyone acknowledges that in order to be a writer, one must actually write! Pen on paper, words in ink (or more realistically in 2014–fingers-on-keyboard). Right? Right!

Well, I have written several children’s stories in the past.  They have lain dormant in the dark world of computer files–and only a few eyes have been permitted to see them. Only a few ears have actually heard me tell them, or read them aloud. With my New Year’s resolutions SO fresh in my head, I decided to be courageous and bring some of these out into the open. Now I am motivated to do something with them.

First steps! I took the plunge and subscribed to a children’s writer e-magazine called Children’s Book Insider ( The cost is minimal and the benefits are already showing. This site has furnished me , in just a month, with a ton of great material; links to helpful writer’s sites and blogs; useful writing tips from other successful writers;  tons of YouTube video information. Plus their magazine is attractive an well written. I feel like I am getting a new degree in the field of writing! And I love it! Wow–what a head rush it is to get started on my check list of things I want to do this year.

More steps! Saturday, I rummaged through the closet in my little home office to find my old art supplies and tools. It took quite a while, digging around the dark corners of long forgotten stuff, under layers of stored away treasures. Finally, pulling it out, I foraged through the crafty stuff–finding my watercolors and brushes still in pristine shape. (To be totally honest, I have not painted anything but Goodwill furniture gleanings in the past five years! No chance my tools would be too worn.)

Well, long story short, I got all set up and started in on illustrating (or trying to!)Sammy’s New Friends‘–a story I wrote over a year ago for our toddler grandsons Samuel and Seth. A little apprehensive about my rusty skills, I decided, “what the heck! Go for it, Linda! No one will see it but you. Right?”


Surprise! An early riser, all this took place before 8:00am on Saturday!  So I was surprised when my sleepy, somewhat jet-lagged husband sneaked in and caught me in the act! Yep! I was in the middle of creating page one–The Bunny Family Home. He thought it was funny to click the camera: “to record’ my good intentions” he said. So much for alone-ness and my glib ‘No one will see it but you’ theory. (If you come back in a few days, I just might give you a sneak preview of some of the pages I’ve finished since Saturday. See my next post.)

I read somewhere recently that in order to be a writer, you have to actually write. In order to write, you have to have your ‘BIC’. Now what does that mean?  Pardon my crude language, but it simply means, “butt-in- chair”. (I personally prefer ‘bottom-in-chair’!)I laughed out loud when I first learned this phrase. I have since scribbled it on card stock and taped it to my computer monitor. In order to achieve my personal writing goals, I must have my ‘BIC’ every day!

How about you? Are you progressing in achieving some of YOUR New Year’s Resolutions? Have you even started yet? If you want to be a writer–and I’ll be you do–how often do you have your BIC yet? (Let me know–so we can cheer each other on!)

Just do it! Today.


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