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HI! My name is Linda Bridges.
Linda, writer & children's storybook illustrator

Linda, writer & children’s storybook illustrator

I am a writer and children’s storybook illustrator.

There I said it!

Yes! I love writing–and I love painting–but sometimes I cringe to say those words out loud–because I am not a published author–yet! But I hope to be soon.

I am a writer!”

No–I do not live in a quaint  little cottage in a remote part of the world–where I write all day long without interruption. I live in a medium-sized town, in a typical town-home in suburbia–(in Colorado, to be exact)--surrounded by a large family I love interacting with  almost daily.  I’m happily married, the mother of four adult children and grandmother of nine grandchildren–(the Grands!). No–I’m not a recluse–and probably never will be. Some days I’d really love to be one–at least for an hour or two!

I love writing. I enjoy doing this between four and six hours a day, several days a week– crafting articles for my blog which I post twice a week.

I am also  writing  and illustrating a children’s story book,  Sammy’s New Friends. These two activities have  stretched me as I learn better and more effective ways to communicate the written word.

I also love writing in my journals;  writing poetry–especially exercising my skills by trying out different forms of poetic expression; writing essays, and children’s stories. I also have a novel in progress–(though I am exercising extreme self control right now to finish current projects before plunging into that one again!) which I hope to continue writing, in 2015.

As Jeff Goins* says,

“The true writer simply shows up. Ready to do the work. Whether the work is successful or acknowledged is not important. Creating is our primary concern.”

I agree. THAT is my starting point. I write. I am an artist–I love to create–using the great tools I have at my disposal!”

I am nearly finished with the illustrations on “Sammy’s New Friends.”  I hope to launch this EBook (for children ages 3-5), sometime this fall.  So stay tuned! I’ll be posting more information on this soon. (for updates, see my writer’s website:

On an encouraging note for me, as a writer and artist, this summer, I was asked to illustrate another book for a writer friend.  I have agreed to do this, starting sometime this month.  So–let the fun begin!

Thanks for dropping by my site today. I hope you’ll  come back again and again. If this is your first time dropping by Writing for Fun Blog–I am currently writing a series on the topic of Encouragement, and its many facets. Take time to look back over the archives for July, and see the various titles. Upcoming I’ll be  examining how discouragement gets a foothold in our lives–sometime to the point of despair and self-destruction: “Even Great Men Face Discouragement!’ I hope to present some practical antidotes for overcoming discouragement.

See you soon! And wishing you all God’s best in the days to come.


* Jeff Goins, blogger & podcast host (at


2 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. I love your blog and what you are doing.You are so encouraging.I’ve just published a children’s poetry book all about manners ‘Manners Bear And Friends’ I needed an illustrator then and I will need one in the future for more books.I know you are very busy but I would love to know some prices if you have time
    Please check tell me of any subjects you may like to see on the blog or if you would like to write something as a guest writer.
    Also if you would like to send any poetry to:the above email for our other site
    You really have a lovely place here.God bless Gillian Sims


    • Thank you for browsing through my blog. I took a look at poetreecreations too! Pretty inventive–and I’ll think about posting one of my poems there too. All God’s best with your book of poetry for children!


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