The Day I Saw God: Scene Three

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Welcome back to my blog–and to the continuation of The Day I saw God. Only two more parts before we see the end. I hope you are getting into this short story–an amazing journey with God through the eyes of the Narrator. I hope this scene will give you glimpse the heart of God in a new way–as well as, a better understanding of the devastation of sin . Remember–this is fiction!



Scene Three:

We left our last scene at the place where the Narrator observes a scene that triggers a childhood memory–one that reminded him that he too had ‘unanswered prayers’.  This memory caused him pain then, and again now. His questions remain the same. “God do you really care?”

Continued : “I wiped the tears from my own cheeks and looked into the face of God. My heart ached as I remembered my prayer long ago—the one God never answered.”

The ALMIGHTY Grieves

As I looked into the face of The Almighty I  see grief etched in His furrowed brow and his deep, sad eyes. His great shoulders bowed forward. He knows my thoughts. He knows what I will say even before the words are formed on my lips. “God do you really care? You can change all things in a moment–in the twinkling of your eye! Why do you wait?” I do not utter these words aloud–they remain  in my thoughts alone.

He straightened.  Scanning the  horizon in the broad sweep of his gaze, He turned away and heaved a great sigh. It penetrated the heavens like a mighty thunder and it was heard on earth below. Such a groan expressed eons of pain and sorrow borne by the Creator of man. The whole earth shuddered.

Creatures below looked up and feared that a storm of great magnitude was on its way. They cannot know that it was the Father’s grief that issued forth so great a cosmic sigh. They cannot fathom how the weight of sin and its evil consequences could grieve His heart to the bursting point.

His shoulders sagged.  As His gaze moved from my face to the horizon before us,  His sorrow enveloped both of us. I knew it was for His beloved children—those who know Him—and for those who do not that his tears began to flow.  It would appear to some that His greatest love offering, His only Son, died in vain. Vanquishing Sin’s hold on mankind; making a way for them to be restored to favor in His sight; crushing sin’s hold on mankind—it that moment it all appeared insignificant in the light of the vast devastation taking place all over the world.

Watching the Savior, I  wondered–has this great sacrifice  made any  difference in the world?

Has it really changed man’s heart that much?  The struggles caused by sin and unbelief are evident in every household—without a miss. Devastation and ruin is rampant on the earth. Hatred, lying, evil of every kind abounds–perhaps even more than in Christ’s day. These thoughts brought great sorrow to my soul and threatened to crushed my spirit.  My tears began to flow also.

I lost track of time–but after what seemed a long while, the Sovereign’s tears ceased. Wiping His cheeks, He sighs again; this time quieter, yet still the earth below shuddered. Speaking, as though to himself, He says,

“If only my people, who are called by My Name, had not been so stubborn and self-assured! If only they had not relied on their own strength to walk in this broken and sinful world! If only they had heeded the warnings that my prophets spoke long ago and the words the scribes had written down. These have I passed down to them from generation to generation just so they would know my good and loving plans for them. If only they had believed in my one and only Son, who came to deliver them from the power of sin and death . . . if only. . .”
Then—there was a great silence.

I shudder involuntarily as a wave of  sorrow such as I had never known passed through me, and my heart feels as though it will literally burst.  The sins of the world are so visible and so vast. Then surprisingly, I now see my own sin, and it adds to the weight already  pressing down on me. My guilt feels so shameful I  suddenly wish I could hide from the presence of my God–even though I know He has forgiven me. Yet in this same moment, my guilt subsides and a new sadness waves over me–a deep remorse for causing the Father more grief and sorrow through my callous pride and socially acceptable sins, that in this moment, appear as black as the blackest sin conceivable. I feel as though I am shrinking, and God, though present, suddenly seems very far away.

His silence is all that I hear. That is when I cry out to him!

O God, do not keep silent; do not remain quiet. O God, do not be still! Hear O LORD and answer me, for I am poor and needy. Guard my life, for I am devoted to you. You are my God and I trust in you!”

After what seemed like a very long time, I feel Him near me. He lifts up my head and wipes my tears way.  With a gentle touch, He moves me  to follow Him.  The darkness I felt is gone. Was it really darkness I felt–for now it is light? Or was it only a spirit of darkness? How could that be–for in HIM there is no darkness at all?

I am baffled.  These  thoughts and many more travel through my mind. But it doesn’t matter, I reason. He is with me. He smiled, and I felt His warmth and love, dispelling all sense of oppression and sadness.  His silence is gone.

I hurried to catch up–for he was ahead of me now. Where could we possibly go? I’ve seen so much already, but I did not want to miss a thing on this unusual journey the day I saw God.

To be continued. . .Scene 4: The Children of the Lord Bring Him Joy

Please come back for the final scene in this short story. Come and see how the Children of the LORD bring Him joy.

May God bless you as you read and ponder this strange tale.



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