The Day I Saw God: Scene 4

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Thank you for returning again to read the final scene in the story of The Day I Saw God. Whew! This has been some adventure. Our last scene was difficult to read. Seeing the effects of  sin and suffering on our Heavenly Father might have suprised you, or it may  have disappointed you–maybe even leaving you chagrined that the narrator would show this side of God’s nature.  Depending on your prior perceptions of God and His character–this whole story may be a bit stretching for you.  If it was, thank you for hanging in there to read this last segment. It has actually been encouraging for me to visualize God being  ‘touched’ by our pain, suffering, and yes, the sins we become entangled in during our lives  on earth. It is for these that His  Son died and was raised again on the third day!  Today, our Narrator has one last experience to share with us, that helps him to see the heart of God rejoice in His children–those who believe in Him. Reading that God smiled , for me, is  just as moving as to know He weeps.  Jump into this conclusion. I hope you enjoy it! Please send me some of your thoughts. I’d love to hear how it has impacted you.

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Scene 4: The Children of the Lord Bring Him Joy

From last post, Scene 3 we ended here: “I hurried to catch up–for He was ahead of me now. Where could we possibly go? I’ve seen so much already, but I didn’t want to miss a thing on this unusual journey.”

As we move through the neighborhoods, homes,and  rooms, His mood lifts. Like the gentle breezes lifting the rose-colored petals on fruit trees in Spring, His mood feels like Spring—bearing the promise of a new season of life. I feel my mood brightening also.

His ‘dearly loved’ children

He brings us to a place where we can look upon another group of people—ones I hadn’t yet noticed. These are His children, dearly loved. He explains to me that these have declared their love for the Savior, and have clothed themselves in the virtues dispensed by His Holy Spirit. I recognize these virtues as we observe their actions and attitudes as they move about their daily activities: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, and, over all these virtues, they have put on love, that precious covering that His Son, Jesus Christ endowed to them long, long ago.

Their ongoing praises and prayers, like a mist, rise visibly in the air, like a sweet-smelling scent. These reach His ears (and mine). These evoke an expression of joy on his countenance. What makes these people so different that the others?

“These,” He explains with the sweep of his mighty arm. “These seek to do everything in My name and bring honor and glory to Me. Their praise edifies man and brings joy to My ears. They bring their burdens to Me and rest in my love and care. They want to learn  My ways. They seek refuge  in Me from their daily trials and from those who seek to harm their souls. They ask for My wisdom and guidance as they go about their lives. Prayer is their way of life and they desire to be like my beloved Son.”

It is evident that these dearly loved ones are jewels in the Almighty’s crown. Though they are just mortals like me, their lives reflect a radiance that comes from their devotion to Him. They are busy on earth doing the work of the Father.  As I watch some of these people, I notice that they are embracing the sorrowing ones we have just seen on this cosmic tour—those who have fallen into the snares of evil; those who have become entangled in this world’s affairs; those who have walked willfully away from the good and right paths, not caring that these ways lead to destruction and even death. They are not angels—they are human—like me! Because they recognize God’s voice, they go quickly and willingly, at His gentlest nudging—to do His good will.

They do this because they love Him!

Oh, this scene brings Him great joy! After seeing my LORD grieve so deeply I am relieved and I rejoice to see His joy so full. To see the effect these dearly loved ones have on God is incredible. It affects me too, and a longing rises up in me to join their ranks. To bring Him such great pleasure would bless my soul beyond all measure.
As usual, I am not able to bask for long in all this joy! For His work never ends—and I notice that now, He glances back to the sad scenes we have just witnessed. Smiling, He places His desires into the hearts of His these loyal servants: His hands motion this way, He nods to that one, a smile to another; gently nudging them to act on HIS behalf—to be His heart, His hands and feet—here and there.
And they do!

Some give of their resources, money and time. Some reach out in love to comfort the young mothers who are struggling, enveloping them with love and encouragement. Others place their arms around the shoulders of grieving men who have fallen prey to  sexual immorality, pride and greed. Some rescue wayward teens, loving them with the love of Christ—leading them to the better way. These faithful ones speak God’s Word to the troubled hearts of divorced fathers, abandoned mothers, widowed men and women, pregnant teens, youths in jail, and discouraged soldiers on the battle field. Their encouragements embolden some to repent and to move forward in God’s Grace.
And they do!

I stare in disbelief as I witness God’s grace in action. The busyness all around me is astounding!  I never suspected that these devoted people  were actually His answers to so many prayers. I never knew that the miraculous was done by His obedient children. I could only stand and watch, amazed.

Quiet begins to settle the  places  we have seen and I sense the peace of God beginning to rule in the hearts of the downcast and troubled as they find forgiveness and rest in the invisible arms of their Savior. Troubled homes grow calmer and grief begins to turn to joy. Mourning is turned to laughter and healing takes place. His dearly loved ones are thankful.

Their motto is:
“Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all, as unto the Lord, all the while giving thanks through Him to God the Father.
And they do!

Sighing, I turn from all I have just witnessed and  my eyes catch a glimpse of another scene—one that appears very familiar. I find that am no longer in the heavenly realm with the Savior, but instead, I am in my very own home, seated at my old oak desk, Bible open.  Blinking, I speak in wonderment, ‘Have I just awakened from a dream? Have I seen a vision? Is this for real?” I pinch myself. Ouch! It’s for real–I’m home!

Is this for real?

Looking around my office I tried to make sense of all I have experienced. Momentary sadness fills my heart and mind, for now my eyes see only the present reality—the tangible evidence of my real world. But then almost at the same moment, my heart flooded with peace and joy. I remembered, ‘He is with me! He is in me; He is all around me—and He will never leave me, He will never forsake me. And He has something for me to do, in His name!THIS is my real world!’

Standing, I closed my Bible and turned to begin my day’s work. Smiling, I heard my own voice say, “. . .And whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all, as unto the Lord, all the while giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”
And I said: “I will!”

The End

A short epilogue:

To this day, I still gain great joy in remembering the day I saw God. It has left a deep impression on me. My first acts after that incident were to tell all who would listen, about my wonderful, remarkable journey. Some believed me—others did not. Then, as the years passed, I began to remember less and less of my encounter with God.  I was encouraged by those closest to me to write it all down. This rendering is my account.

Take time to reflect on the heart of God.

Whether you believe it or not— dear reader—that is between you and God. But I do hope you will ponder its possibilities. Take time to reflect on the heart of God—wonder about His love, His emotions, and most of all, His great joy in seeing His ‘dearly loved ones’ serving in HIS name. Wonder at the motivations of these same ones, and their capacity to endure the greatest losses in His name—even death. Never cease to marvel that this Creator-God, the Almighty One, our Savior and LORD chose to reveal himself to us.
In His Name,
The Narrator

Note: For those of you who are interested, here are some of the passages from Scripture that have informed and blessed my thinking on this last scene in this fictional piece. I hope you take some time look them up.
Colossians 3:12-17; Phil. 2:13; Matthew 11:28-29; Col. 3:17 & 23; Psalm 16:7—11; Ps.30; 11-12; Ps. 32:11; Ps. 42:1-4; Ps.48:1-2a; Ps. 68:4-6; Ps. 126:5-6

The Day I Saw God© 2004, by Linda Bridges


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